Friday, September 2, 2016

Knowledge Gaps Drive the Need for Learning and Compliance Management System

Active Learner – Compliance and LMS

Closing the Gaps
Knowledge and skills gaps are particularly critical for workers in the oil and gas sector. Organizations with a more knowledgeable workforce reduce the risks of injury, illness, and costs due to mishaps.  It’s a simple and easily understood fact. Additionally they can enjoy improved productivity and profitability leading to a strong competitive edge.  Proper training is a necessary investment. 

Performance Support
But what may not be so clear is that preparing workers to be ready and able to perform their jobs requires more than just training programs. Performance needs to be supported through a keen management of knowledge, curriculum and job roles. The solution must build core skills and knowledge to match specific on-the-job needs. And the critical nature and fast pace of operations in the oil and gas workplace requires stepping beyond traditional methods of content delivery and providing immediate access to knowledge and information through an advanced organization system. 

Knowledge gaps drive the need for performance support:

1.       Compliance Initiatives
Companies in the oil and gas sector must meet stringent regulatory compliance requirements for safety and technical training such as PSM and SEMS requirements.  Any gaps in required knowledge mean risk.  Additionally, many organizations will create their own standards for technical knowledge, skills, safety, and performance goals. The critical and complex nature of many processes and tasks requires anytime access to information to guide workers.

2.       Knowledge Loss
Workforce attrition, when older more experienced workers leave the workforce and take years of know-how with them, leaves an organization with a collective hole/gap in knowledge. These long term employees have mastered specific job roles over the years through direct observation, working with mentors, and years of experience on various jobs. Without capturing this knowledge and transferring it on to new employees, this tacit knowledge will be lost to the organization.

3.       New Hires
New workers hired to fill the positions of the vacancies due to retirement or due to expansion need to reach competency in their job requirements quickly.  A wide variety of experiences and backgrounds may be brought together to fill these vacancies, often with gaps in existing knowledge. When new workers must begin to perform immediately and training time is limited, workers need support that adjusts to deliver only the training they need so that they can quickly achieve competency.

The Right Tools
Performance Support helps organizations immediately improve worker performance while helping meet training and development initiatives and maintain a competitive edge. RDC’s Performance Support System, Active Learner, is complementary to training programs and integrates with your current LMS. Active Learner is specifically designed to address the unique learning and compliance requirements in process manufacturing facilities. Active Learner features:

Advanced Curriculum Management
Curriculums are developed to job role-specific requirements, not simply by title. HR may use the title “Operator 1” for many employees, but the actual job roles of each individual could be very different depending on location, process, and status as first responders, etc.  Active Learner develops curriculums by job roles rather than titles, so specific requirements for each individual learner can be clearly identified and addressed.  Pre-requisites, re-training, and alternate courses are specified in the curriculum.

Complementary to Training/Compliance Initiatives
Compliance requirements and plant-specific mandates can be automated. Comprehensive reporting clearly shows progress toward compliance goals.  Active Learner provides methods for identifying training gaps and assigning remedial training. Rather than simply recording the training has been delivered, knowledge transfer is confirmed and documented.

Integrated and Accessible
Active Learner’s integrated environment improves worker productivity by providing on-the-job access to integrated information, tools, and training. Online, on-demand availability and accessibility facilitates self-directed learning and empowers workers to enroll and track their own progress.  Your LMS or ERP can interface with Active Learner to supply the knowledge base and training content.  A multilingual learner interface is available to support usage for several languages including: French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese.

New hires, regulatory demands, workforce knowledge: closing the gaps means reducing the risks to safety, productivity and compliance.  The benefits can be significant.  Potential results include:
·         Improved safety - reduction in mishaps
·         Improved performance
·         Reduced training costs
·         Increased productivity as workers have all information needed available 24/7
·         Compliance on target or beyond
·         Increased competency pays for itself over and over
·         Protection of your training investment and worker knowledge
·         Reduced time-to-competency - less time spent training
It pays for itself in performance and productivity gains, in reduction of risk, and in the benefits of compliance.  Making such meaningful impact requires an advanced performance support system fueled by the right technology developed specifically for the process industry’s needs.  Contact RDC to discuss putting Active Learner to work for your company.