Monday, March 7, 2016

Managing Complete Competence: Procedures and Skills Assessment

Competence is often characterized as a combination of the knowledge, skills, and behavior a person uses to perform a job function to the best of their ability. With the ever-increasing regulatory burden facing the industry, the skills component of competency is fast becoming a defined and measured requirement.

With regulatory requirements continually moving toward a more balanced measure of competency, companies are challenged with managing each employee's understanding of operating procedures as well as their field verification of skill-sets. The challenge is two-part:
  1. Assigning and managing the skills verification requirement for the individual employee
  2. Managing skills assessment forms before and after the event
RDC Solutions' learning environment, Active Learner, offers the ability to directly integrate client-specific operating procedures into an employee's required learning curriculum, tailored for each job-role that individual may hold. In addition to procedure requirements, Active Learner offers functionality for managing complete competency by also managing instructor-led learning events and field-skills verification. This includes the ability to link learning materials such as classroom guides and field assessment forms and make them accessible to the employee.

Following the classroom learning or field-skills verification event, documentation such as attendance sheets and field verification approvals can be scanned and then linked to an employee's individual training history. This would include copies of trade and/or training certifications that may have been acquired off-site through a third-party provider.

These Active Learner features make it easy to deliver, maintain, and validate the complete competency and job-qualification status of any employee at any time. Please contact us if you would like more information about Active Learner's capabilities or to schedule training to achieve better compliance with less administrative effort.