Monday, February 17, 2014

New ePILOT Courses Added

RDC Solutions announces the addition of 2 new web-based learning programs to the ePILOT™ Core Competency Library Understanding Electricity is added to the "Fundamentals" category, and Corrosion Control is added to the "Product and Process Quality Control" category. Contact your RDC representative for assistance accessing these courses.

The ePILOT Core Competency library contains over 150 learning programs with over 400 hours of online training. New in the ePILOT Core Competency Library: 

1185  Understanding Electricity
This course covers how to safely work with electricity.  This course includes basic electrical terms, the effect of electric current on the human body, and why electricity is a potential hazard.  Additionally, students will learn about grounding electrical equipment, the proper precautions to take when working with electrical equipment, and how to act in an emergency.  The Electric Power Distribution System section describes how electric power is distributed.  Students will also learn about measuring  electric usage, including units of measurement and how to read a meter.

1122  Corrosion Control Millions of dollars are lost each year to corrosion. Millions more are spent attempting to control it. This program will teach you the basics of the corrosion process, the methods used to monitor the rate of corrosion, and the control techniques used to protect equipment. By successfully controlling corrosion, the destructive effects can be minimized, and facility operation can be more profitable.

Through the ePILOT Libraries, learners have anytime access to over 400 hours of training in a secure, hosted online environment.  All ePILOT courses have been certified to stringent e-learning standards by the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) and by the American Petroleum Institute (API). ePILOT is the first web-based operator training curriculum certified by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), allowing learners to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU).