Thursday, May 29, 2014

RDC Solutions: Custom Content Development

Targeting your company’s specific and unique needs can be a major undertaking and a significant investment of time and resources for any organization.  Consensus on subject matter, and converting that material into useful course material requires navigating through many steps to reach the final product.  Fortunately,    PetroSkills | RDC Solutions can design and develop your custom content. Our solutions are driven by the challenges facing our clients in the oil & gas industry.  And our deep and effective learning content is at the core of our solutions. 

For more than 50 years, the focus of RDC Solutions has been focused on knowledge transfer in the oil & gas industry. Our solutions are used globally by over 1.4 million learners in over 500 facilities, spanning six continents. We have created over 750 hours of mandated, core competency and unit operations content.  Our learning content and methodology have been certified for excellence and quality by industry accrediting organizations and as such, successful completion of our learning modules allows learners to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  

With PetroSkills | RDC Solutions developing your custom content, you will leverage our decades of experience transferring core competency and mandated knowledge requirements to operators and technicians in process manufacturing environments, as well as our industry-proven methodology. We have applied our expertise to create learning content for numerous leading oil & gas companies on a wide variety of specialized topics including:

  • Flowing Wells
  • Gas Processing
  • Safety
  • Refinery Overview
  • Fluidic Catalytic Cracking
  • Crude Process Unit
  • Reformer
  • Gas Blending
  • Sulfur Recovery
  • Amonia
We work with your subject matter experts (SMEs) to identify and capture the knowledge requirements specific to your environment, equipment, and units, but your SME time committment is minimized because of our knowledge capture methodology. Once we’ve developed and validated the Knowledge Requirements Analysis, your SME reviews, provides feedback, and approves the work we’ve done.  Next the approved content is validated by a sample learner population for knowledge transfer effectiveness.  And the content is validated to the standards of Instructional System Design.
Animation, graphics, embedded glossaries, and site-specific customizations

Web technology allows self-paced programmed learning that motivates adults to control their own learning and accommodates learner differences. Learners can easily bookmark their place and return to the program if other issues demand their attention.  Delivery via web technology enhances many of the principles of instructional system design and puts online learning at an advantage.  Intuitive navigation through sequenced steps with immediate feedback, as well as automatic remediation enable learner engagement.  Additionally, detailed animations and graphics can be included, and embedded glossaries and bookmarking add convenient functions.  Language translation is also easily facilitated.  The nature of the technology allows for site-specific customization by embedding procedures, terminology, graphics, equipment ID numbers, exposure limits, operating parameters and more. 

We’ve worked with leading operating companies, process technology licensors, and equipment manufacturers gaining industry expertise and best practice experience. We understand our clients’ needs and their industry.  Call to discuss your custom content development needs. +1.248.646.2300

Monday, April 21, 2014

NEW ePILOT Unit Operations: Gas Processing

RDC Solutions introduced the latest in the ePILOT Unit Operations at the Gas Processors Association Convention in Dallas, April 13-16. Jesse Garza was on hand in the PetroSkills hospitality suite to demonstrate the new online courses based on PetroSkills gas processing content.

The Gas Processing Operations web-based learning modules provide the fundamentals as well as in-depth coverage of all topics related to gas processing to help develop a highly qualified workforce. Critical information for operations, systems, equipment, instruments, fundamentals, and process safety are incorporated in the online learning environment.

PetroSkills | RDC Solutions has worked together with industry SMEs to identify all knowledge requirements specific to gas processing operations. Applying proven instructional design methods and advanced web technology creates an effective learning solution that delves deep into gas processing equipment and operations. This dynamic learning environment incorporates critical information for operations, systems, equipment, instruments, fundamentals, and process safety in a sustainable  environment that is available online, anytime and anywhere, to develop and maintain a highly skilled workforce.  

More information and a list of topics can be found on the website.

Monday, February 17, 2014

New ePILOT Courses Added

RDC Solutions announces the addition of 2 new web-based learning programs to the ePILOT™ Core Competency Library Understanding Electricity is added to the "Fundamentals" category, and Corrosion Control is added to the "Product and Process Quality Control" category. Contact your RDC representative for assistance accessing these courses.

The ePILOT Core Competency library contains over 150 learning programs with over 400 hours of online training. New in the ePILOT Core Competency Library: 

1185  Understanding Electricity
This course covers how to safely work with electricity.  This course includes basic electrical terms, the effect of electric current on the human body, and why electricity is a potential hazard.  Additionally, students will learn about grounding electrical equipment, the proper precautions to take when working with electrical equipment, and how to act in an emergency.  The Electric Power Distribution System section describes how electric power is distributed.  Students will also learn about measuring  electric usage, including units of measurement and how to read a meter.

1122  Corrosion Control Millions of dollars are lost each year to corrosion. Millions more are spent attempting to control it. This program will teach you the basics of the corrosion process, the methods used to monitor the rate of corrosion, and the control techniques used to protect equipment. By successfully controlling corrosion, the destructive effects can be minimized, and facility operation can be more profitable.

Through the ePILOT Libraries, learners have anytime access to over 400 hours of training in a secure, hosted online environment.  All ePILOT courses have been certified to stringent e-learning standards by the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) and by the American Petroleum Institute (API). ePILOT is the first web-based operator training curriculum certified by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), allowing learners to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU).

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ePILOT Updates: Responsible Care

Our new version of American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care, updated for 2013 revision, has been released. Responsible Care is the chemical industry's environmental, health, safety, and security performance initiative.  For more information see the American Chemistry Council website.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Managing Complete Competence: Procedures and Skills Assessment

Competence is often characterized as a combination of the knowledge, skills, and behavior a person uses to perform a job function to the best of their ability. With the ever-increasing regulatory burden facing the industry, the skills component of competency is fast becoming a defined and measured requirement.

With regulatory requirements continually moving toward a more balanced measure of competency, companies are challenged with managing each employee's understanding of operating procedures as well as their field verification of skill-sets. The challenge is two-part:
  1. Assigning and managing the skills verification requirement for the individual employee
  2. Managing skills assessment forms before and after the event
RDC's learning environment, Active Learner, offers the ability to directly integrate client-specific operating procedures into an employee's required learning curriculum, tailored for each job-role that individual may hold. In addition to procedure requirements, Active Learner offers functionality for managing complete competency by also managing instructor-led learning events and field-skills verification. This includes the ability to link learning materials such as classroom guides and field assessment forms and make them accessible to the employee.

Following the classroom learning or field-skills verification event, documentation such as attendance sheets and field verification approvals can be scanned and then linked to an employee's individual training history. This would include copies of trade and/or training certifications that may have been acquired off-site through a third-party provider.

These Active Learner features make it easy to deliver, maintain, and validate the complete competency and job-qualification status of any employee at any time. Please contact us if you would like more information about Active Learner's capabilities or to schedule training to achieve better compliance with less administrative effort.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Client-Specific User Conferences

Do you have a particular topic related to ePILOT, Active Learner, or KnowledgeWeb that you'd like to everyone to know about? Have you considered a mini user conference just for your company? RDC will host a one-day user conference at your site just for your company on a topic of your choice. A user conference can combine an oral presentation, workshop, and tutorials into a compact program designed to focus on strategy, tips, and tools relevant to your chosen topic. It can be a valuable forum to learn how to get the most from users and the programs, as well as a great opportunity to engage with RDC's development team. A user conference provides a platform for the exchange of experiences, on which specific applications of RDC software solutions can be discussed. Call your RDC account representative to discuss scheduling a user conference at your site.